Monday, July 21, 2008

Taskbar Shuffle

We all love tabs, how cool it would have been if Windows taskbar too had drag and drop facilities whereby we could arrange the order of the programs on it. Thankfully 'Taskbar Shuffle' allows you to do just that. It is a freeware and here is an article from Download Squad about Taskbar Shuffle. Do give it a try. I use Taskbar Shuffle :-)

Taskbar Shuffle Tweaks Your Windows Taskbar

from Download Squad by Lee Mathews

Filed under: Windows, Freeware

There are plenty of things the Windows shell does really well, but there are other relatively minute details that have been overlooked since Windows 95 that really piss us off - like the ability to click and drag taskbar buttons.
Thankfully, this 600k app that will let you do just that. Taskbar Shuffle is 32-bit Windows-only (it works on all versions, 95 to Vista), obviously, and it gives you free reign over your taskbar buttons and system tray icons. Yes, at long last you can drag them all around to your heart's content.
We first looked at Taskbar Shuffle in 2006, but it's such a simple app with such great purpose that it deserves another look.
There are a couple added features as well, like the ability to middle-click to close a task button or group and tweaking for the "group similar buttons" function. Several improvements have been made since 2.0: settings are no longer stored in the registry, shuffling buttons in a group is possible, and it is now portable (and we love portable).
Of course you're going to give up a few resources, but the cost is minimal. Taskbar Shuffle uses only 5mb of memory barely any CPU. It's a tradeoff we're willing to make to gain some long-awaited functionality.

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